The 80/20 Rule

In last week's blog post, I wrote briefly about moderation and how it is probably the most effective way to approach a healthy balance with food with longevity in mind. Delving further into that is the 80/20 rule as it applies to nutrition. Very simply put, if you can eat clean 80% of the time (fruits, veggies, lean proteins), then the last 20% of the time you can eat whatever it is that you want to eat (burgers, pizza, cookies, brownies, cake, pumpkin spice yogurt covered pretzels...).

All too often when starting a "diet" (this word sucks), most feel the need to go 100%/0% to achieve their fitness goals. This mentality breeds the "I'll start Monday" population. Those that start off so well, step on the scale ((the scale is the devil) maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but whatever)), look in the mirror and see all the "gainzzz", and start off with such a high motivation level, but when they stop by Tim Hortons for their morning coffee and say "hey screw it, I've been doing so well, I'll have a donut (doughnut?), they feel so guilty that they've ruined all the progress they've made, they continue to binge it and say "OH, I'll start again Monday". Those who have not been introduced to moderation and have built these negative connotations around the foods that they have been taught their whole lives to be unhealthy, don't see it as a "treat" that you can very easily rebound from by getting right back on track, but more as a "sin" that does irreversible damage and feel the need to start all over again.  


One of my favorite sayings is that nobody ever got "fat" from eating a doughnut, and nobody ever got "skinny" from eating a salad. I don't really know where the quote originated from, but the point is one meal is not going to put a significant dent in your progress in one way or the other. It takes a long, consistent effort in order to see real change. At the end of the day, if you follow the 80/20 rule and your calories are in check you can indulge in your favorite treats and still get lean in the process, and that my friends, is a beautiful thing.




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