Mini Band Workout

Mini Bands are amazing. No joke. It's a workout you can fit in your pocket. Like, seriously. Also it allows you to do bicep curls, and in the grand scheme of things, what's more important than big biceps? (A lot, but that's beside the point.) In all seriousness though, mini bands are an awesome way to get a resisted workout with something that you can very literally fit in your pocket. And it's cheap, and cheap is always welcome. 



Lower body Triple Set

Banded Squat

Lateral Steps

Monster Walks

(10-12 reps each movement)


Upper Body Triple Set

Banded Push-Up w/ lateral hand step

Downward Dog w/ lateral hand step

Single Arm reach w/ lateral hand step

(6-10 reps each movement)


The lateral hand step is a shoulder burner for sure. All in all, this mini band workout is great at providing light to moderate resistance to any given workout. When done efficiently, and short on time, you can get an awesome workout in, in 15 minutes.